Body Engineered

a new approach to movement and training

Body Engineered: Functional Movement Training is a kinesiology company operating out of the Lower Mainland since 1998. It is owned and operated by Robin Turner and Michaela Colluney who are both registered practising kinesiologists and manual therapists.

Body Engineered specializes in corrective movement therapies and incorporates manual and active therapies when developing treatment programs.

Body Engineered clientele consists of all ages and abilities; from pre-adolescent individual or team athletes to mature amateur and professional athletes. Whether you are the next Canadian Olympian or a weekend warrior, we can work with you. We address all types of complaints and conditions from acute or chronic injury to complex muscular skeletal or neuromuscular conditions.

Body Engineered is a solutions company. Our clientele are individuals or groups often seeking solutions to a physical concern. This may be an illness or condition, injury or a performance related issue. We want to be part of that solution either through our treatments or by referring on to one of our sources. We aim to be a link in the continuity of care, therefore you may work exclusively with Body Engineered to achieve your personal or performance goals or Body Engineered will be working with your fitness professional, coach, instructor or therapist to achieve your goals.